Would You Spend $100 to Make $1,000?

Jeff Napier
By Jeff Napier


What would happen if you could figure out a profitable way to do something that's important to you, and stay focused in the pursuit of your goals?


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But how, exactly, could you do that?

That's what I'm offering. I'll guide you toward making real money, quite possibly $1,000 extra in your very first month, and with unlimited growth after that.

Will it work for everyone? Probably not. On the other hand, most will profit, and there's no limit to the possibilities. So, it's worth the risk, isn't it?

And the risk is slight. There is no long-term contract. If you don't make an extra $1,000 in your very first month, or see clearly that you'll grow into a profitable situation quickly, there is no obligation to continue.

So, what I'm offering is business coaching, whether you're ready to start something new, or already have a business, for only $100/month. You're probably wondering how I can do that.


The Short Version

I work entirely by email conversation. You can write as often as you like. I'll almost always write back within a business day and often within minutes. I'll be your friendly advisor, sounding board, confidant, mentor, and your cheering section.

You'll get things done like you never have before, enjoying ongoing communication with someone who cares, that can keep you focused, motivated, and on-track!

I can only accommodate 100 people, but you can be one of them! Click the button to start now ($100):

Questions? jeff@jeffnapier.com.


Daily email communication turns out to be more effective than phone-based coaching and saves you a ton of time and money.

Normally, coaching is done by phone, and that's expensive! And it's problematic. I know, because I was on the other end of those conversations. Being the founder of a variety businesses from retail to software to entertainment, in which I learned a lot about human nature, I became a life and business coach in 2002.

I communicated with my clients in hour-long weekly phone calls. I had to charge a lot of money. Sometimes I didn't feel like talking. Sometimes my clients didn't. Some topics didn't fit in an hour. Sometimes an hour was too long for people who were pressed for time. Sometimes calls were rescheduled or missed entirely. Quite often, things came up that didn't fit neatly into the weekly scheduled hour. On top of all that, sometimes it was hard to hear people clearly over the phone.

Oh, it worked quite well for many clients. For instance, one client had a website that was getting three visitors a month. With my mentoring her website grew to more than 14,000 visitors per day. Now, your idea of success may be different than that, and your results may not be as spectacular as that, but you can expect magical results from our conversations.

When I started converting to email, I thought it would be less effective than by phone. It turns out to be the opposite way around. By email, we have time to think out our responses, messages are more clear, and actions actually get taken more often. There's something about written communication that makes things really happen.

Back when I was coaching the conventional way, there were a few clients I couldn't help, and this concerned me. So, I took two years to learn neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and became a master practitioner. That's like psychology, but for people who want to get the most out of life. Through NLP I learned so much about communication and the inner workings of human nature, and am glad to pass that on to you.

I have recently resumed coaching, and so my price is low to build up a full clientele. Soon, I'll hire assistant coaches and/or raise the price, so this is a great time to get started.

Many people have expressed interest in starting their own coaching businesses, and I support that strongly. I'll be glad to help you do what I'm doing!

As the founder of twelve businesses from retail to software to entertainment, I have the experience you need.

Do you wonder if this will work, or more specifically, whether it will work for you? A lot of people think that way. They feel that maybe there's something wrong with them, so that things of this nature can't work for them. Of course, that's not true, but it is human nature to think so. Truth be told, there are some people in some situations, in which even this email mentoring won't work. But it works for most people, most of the time. So, it's worth giving it a shot, don't you think? You might spend a bit of money and get nothing. But much more likely, you'll rock your world!

So make your dreams come true, and click the button at the bottom of the page to get started.

!'ve been called a wizard for what I do, but I don't wave a wand, concoct potions, or cast spells. Instead, I facilitate remarkable change through ordinary email communication. I have worked my magic in varying capacities for...

* A blues guitarist
* A private detective
* A composer
* A computer artist
* MCI's training and documentation team
* A mortgage broker
* A mother of young twins
* A division of Cingular Wireless
* An ice arena owner
* A video game designer
* The owner of a pressure washing company
* A private tutor
* A man who wants to unify the world's political system
* Several bicycle shop owners (that's kind of a specialty)
* Several photographers
* Several authors
* An artist
* The owner of a clothing store
* Several software designers & freelance programmers
* Several eBay auctioneers
* A software publisher
* A tax consultant
* A bicycle racer
* A guitar amplifier repairman
* Several web-based retailers
* A drummer
* Several network (multi-level) marketers
* A dance studio owner
* A rollerblading instructor
* Everyone in a modeling agency
* The owner of an end-of-life support agency
* A sculptor
* A jeweler
* Several massage practitioners and healers
* A stay-at-home father
* A petsitting/housesitting service
* Several small manufacturers
* A route salesperson
* A juggler
* A freelance project manager
* Two university professors
* A bookstore owner
* A clock repairman
* A signmaker
* A furniture builder
* An independent vehicle rental agent
* A professional skateboarder
* A CSA organic farmer

... and many others.

As you can see, I have the right experience to help you. Here's what some of my clients say:
I can't thank you enough for all your help. You have made a huge difference. I can't wait to see what you come up with next."

Fay Fahron,
Columnist, Entrepreneur

"Jeff has been a great resource. He has provided coaching that is greatly appreciated."

Chester Alan Godsy,
Founder - Web Earth Online

You just qualified for sainthood. Just to let you know, I have seen a big increase in inquiries from my website."

Ann Flaherty,
Private Detective

"I'm an author with an income now that never would have happened without your help!"

Amy Butler

"I have known Jeff Napier for 10 years, and during that time his assistance has always been better, and his ability to solve problems has been faster, than anyone else I've ever used.

Dr. Stephen Truelove,

"You have been helpful and went above-and-beyond to help me understand how to get the results I wanted."

John McMahan,
Healthcare Information Systems Consultant

"As he is a good communicator who is always keen to help, I have no hesitation in saying that any project whether large or small, will benefit from Jeff's considerable experience and originality."

Godfrey Gardner,
Reedmace Ltd. UK.

"Thank you so much!!! It was awesome. I'm sure it will really help me. I've been feeling stuck and now I see why."

Terri Zink,

Did I leave you with any unanswered questions? Email me: jeff@jeffnapier.com

With love and respect! - Jeff Napier, business coach

Jeff Napier

I can only accommodate 100 people, but you can be one of them! Click the button to start now ($100):

Questions? jeff@jeffnapier.com.


Certified master practitioner, NLP Marin.  

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